Adoption of a Child in Thailand

What’s a adoption?

The way to Submit an Application for adoption using a Thai kid?

Foreigner with domicile out Thailand may submit the application form through licensed bureau or even the Competent Authority into DSDW or perhaps the child welfare bureaus.

Foreigner with domicile in Thailand and proof of home and residency registration may submit the application form by which the domicile is. The man or woman that has domicile at Bangkok may submit the application form at Child Adoption Center.

Foreigner with temporary domicile in Thailand and work license in Labor Department of Ministry of Labor and live at 6 weeks from Thailand before filing the application form might submit the application form with the essential document that simplifies with embassy or consular in Thailand.

Applicant contacts throughout the qualified social welfare jurisdiction in their nation such as the governmental business That’s responsible to Social Welfare (Competent Authority) or even the non-governmental Child-welfare Organization That’s accredited by their own Government to Deal with the issue as after;

Inch. A property Study Report should be worried yourself with family and living and photos of both interior and outside of the house.


3. An announcement made by the Competent Authority consenting to oversee the pre-adoption positioning of a child if such positioning is allowed to the applicants and also to supply three gymnastic advance reports to DSDW. The pre-adoption positioning time period is a predetermined period of less than half a year.

4. Your program type for Child Adoption

5. Copy of bankruptcy or related file. Residency certification.

6. Copy of Marriage certificate ( If That There’s a previous union, please join custody certificate, Marriage certificate is greater than just six weeks )

7. Medical certification confirming great bodily health and psychological equilibrium signal.

8. Document certifying job and income.

9. Document certifying present fiscal standing (dating back maybe not more than six weeks )

10. Document certifying asset


1 2.

1 3. The prospective parents should consult their immigration ability of a youngster’s entrance visa before employing.

14. List of permission for adoption against the candidates’ partner or a consent arrangement of this courtroom in lieu of their partner’s approval (if any)



17. Criminal Background (from the Nation of domicile AND home )

18. Evidence from the Competent Authority or concerned jurisdiction which after the adoption is completed under the Thai Law, it’s also going to be filed underneath the concerned Legislation of their applicants’ country after expected.

All essential records from 5 -14 need to get authorized by the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in that country.Documents that aren’t in English language has to be connected together with Language or Thai dictionary and also be interpreted and certified by the licensed translator.In the event the candidate resides at the country apart from the usual country of domicile, record certifying for example residency and span of less than six weeks for care of their child before arrival.

The Children of Adopted Child

They Have to provide the following records:

Inch. 2. Marriage Certification. 4. 5. If that daddy and mom of kid Aren’t lawfully married and Not Able to find the dad, the jurisdiction officer will join the mom together with 2 witnesses at the kid adoption centre and certify this:

5.1 The father and mom of child have not ราชภัฏ enrolled their union. 5.2 The dad has never enrolled the youngster as well as separated. 5.3 No judgment regarding that the dad is parent. 5.4 Maybe not find a way to detect the dad of child to sign up for approval.

6. List of permission of licensed person . List of permission of daddy 8. Other relevant file like death certificate, name change certification etc..

Inch. Occupational Certification of adopted kid

2. House Registration

3. Four photos of this adopted kid size 4.5 x 6 cm

4. List of Consent of those adopted kid

5. Other relevant file.

Inch. After all essential file are received, they’ll soon be filed for the Child Adoption Board that can review all of eligibility of parents.

2. The jurisdiction officer will publish an examination to the Board and advised to the candidates via Competent Authority whether if they’re approved as prospective adoption parents.

3. In the event the adoption application is processed throughout the Authorized Agencies, DSDW is eligible to examine and inquire into the background of their child to be embraced as a way to become confirmed that the child is lawfully available for Inter-Country adoption.

4. In the event the prospective adoptive American parents living aboard, then ” he instance will probably soon be submitted for the Minister of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to get a consent to get the little one from Thailand.

5. The prospective parents will probably possess 6 weeks into the custody of kid.

6. After half a year probation, 3 dwelling study reports are happy.

7. DSDW will note into the Ministry of Foreign Affair Concerning the Situation. The prospective parents could enroll their adoption in Thai Embassy or even Thai Consulate. If that the parent resides at Thailand, they can enroll adoption in district office.

Being legally capable to embrace a child under the law of the Home state:

Applicant is finished 25 decades old. The adopted child is more than 15 years has to agree. If that the adopted child is modest, it needs to – agree of parents. If that mother or dad goes off, one needs to agree. If that there’s not any approval person, the agent or prosecutor asks the court’s approval. The approval of spouse.

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